Car Racing Games Online A Fun Pastime

When speed is the thing for you, the best cure can be found in some best car racing games online. Most of these super car challenges are not only fun to drive but also admires. If you have ever considered car racing, though, chances are that your mind just glossed over the thought of it. In fact, many people don’t even know how to get started with car racing, even though it can be one of the most fun sports and pastimes ever. Along with entertainment, there are many reasons why people love to control their thirst of speed through car racing, here are few:

The number one reason that many people cite is the freedom i.e. they’re able to be as free as a bird. In other words, when they’re in the car that they perform, they can control everything from start to finish. They also love the victory and attention whenever they finish in first place. During racing, they’re able to hang with some of the most fun people on the planet. Friends can able to meet friends, and there will be plenty of opportunities to meet great winners. This is because there are few gaming companies that offers membership and give the member a chance to challenge the runner ups or

Another great reason that car racing competition games are so popular is because of the fact that you can able to go well over the speed limit legally and not get into trouble. Today there are gaming companies that offers a gaming platform that is 100% legal and reliable. It seems funny but this is the reason why car racers fond to play online racing games. It creates a perfect zeal and interest to the player, where you get in the groove and feel you are the one in the driver seat. Through online racing games, you can experience and enjoy unlimited fun and excitement that keeps your stress away. Online racing games are fun-tucked, improve energetic action, and moreover it ameliorates your level of enthusiasm. All in all, car racing games are a welcome break from our hectic schedules.

If you’re curious to go ahead with this adventurous game, then it is for sure you must get into regular practice to become proficient. These days’ online games are formulated with several levels of game play and are challenging to complete. To achieve a winning game, be well aware, fast and know the effective methods to handle the buttons. Why wait? Grab your gear, fill it up and let it burn.

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Sprint Car Racing Brings Lots Of Excitement To Us All

Sprint car racing is becoming a very popular sport within the U.S., New Zealand and also Australia. This type of race uses extremely high powered cars and they are driven on a car race track that is either circular or oval and may either be paved or made of dirt.

As popular as this type of racing may be, it can also be dangerous. The vehicles used in car racing sports, such as sprint racing, can exceed speeds of 140 miles per hour and must only be driven by very experienced drivers.

Another reason why a sprint car race can be so dangerous is the fact that these vehicles are extremely high powered. These sports auto vehicles can pack 850 horsepower, giving the driver extreme power behind the wheel.

In recent history, there have been many methods used to make these cars safer for individuals to drive. Roll cages have been added to the vehicles to help protect the drivers. There has also been the implementation of “wings” on the vehicles to increase the traction and provide down-force.

Sprint car racing has been a stepping stone for many individuals looking to make it in more popular and universally known types of racing, such as the Indy racing league and Nascar. Some of the individuals who began their careers in sprint racing and have now become big names in the racing world are; Tony Stewart, Kasey Kahne and Jeff Gordon. These three individuals are well known for their Nascar racing but also tried their hands at other types, including those involving sprint cars.

Car racing fans, specifically those that are fans of sprint car racing, can tell you just how exciting this racing sport can be. The thrill of the race, the speed of the vehicles and even knowing that it can be very dangerous; all of this adds up to thrills and excitement.

Whether you are a child who is getting ready to watch their first race or an adult who has enjoyed car auto racing for years, the excitement is definitely there with this type of racing. Whether you will be a spectator or not is up to you.

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Top NASCAR car racing teams you would want to be a part of

The need to belong is a universal need.And if you are a part of the professional car racing, you definitely want to be be associated with the top NASCAR car racing teams for last year.

Wonder what they look for in a portfolio?

In my previous article, I had posted the priciest racing cars for this year. Gee, would it be a dream to get our hands on one of those? Now, what will be featured are the top teams according to revenue earned, value, and operating income. Mind you, these numbers are all in millions,and not your single-digit numbers.

1. Roush Fenway Racing – for this year, they were valued at a whopping $316 million, earned $189 million as revenue, and spent $39.1 million on operating expenses. They have DeWalt to back them up.

2. Hendrick Motorsports – there were valued for $297 million, operated on a budget of $38.9, and earned $163 million. They are currently sponsored by Dupont.

3. Joe Gibbs Racing – their value for the year 2007 was reported to be $173 million. Also, earned a revenue of $110 million and had an operating income of 23.6 million. Home Depot is their primary sponsor.

4. Evernham motorsports – valued at $128 million, earned a revenue of $89 million and operated on an income of $178 million. They have Dodge Dealer/UAW on their side.

5. Richard Childress Racing – they have a tag price of $124 million, audited for an operating income of $19.1 million and earned a revenue of $98 million. Shell/Penzoil sponsors them as of now.

Big numbers mean success

In this case, the higher the number, the more stable and successful the car racing team is. It is interesting to note that they they still managed to operate on a two-digit income and earning triple more more. They really do know how to do business. If you have a top notch and an industry leader to hire you to drive their racing cars, then it is the sweetest victory next to actually winning the car race.

Formula One Grand Prix Racing Coming To Austin Texas

Austin Formula 1 racing fans have something to be excited about. Not only will there be some outstanding racing action coming to town, but now there is a brand new world-class facility in the works where fans can witness all the action in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas.

Worldwide Sport With Local Appeal

Formula 1 Grand Prix racing is an international sport, holding events around the globe. It will be a thrill for Austin Formula One fans to be able to witness this event right in their back yard.

Austin has been selected to be the host city for the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix from 2012 until 2021. Austin Formula 1 racing will offer visitors great racing action on a state of the art track that is in the construction phase now. It will feature a 5.5 kilometer track with 20 turns combined with 133 feet of varying elevation, featuring a steep uphill leg leading to a hairpin turn. It will be a very fast, challenging track and will run in a counter clockwise direction.

Also in the works are a driving club, a visitor riding and driving experience and a go-kart track. The facility is being constructed in Wandering Creek, which is southeast of Austin.

The people of Austin are world famous for their hospitality and look forward to welcoming visitors to the Austin Formula One racing season in 2012.

Austin Facts

If you are a Formula One fan who is not from the Austin area, here are some fun facts for you to consider about the city:

– Austin is the capital of Texas and a U.S. leader in the technology industry
– It is the 15th largest city in the U.S.
– Considered by many to be one of America’s most beautiful cities
– More than 130 international flights daily to and from Austin and the surrounding area
– Wonderful climate all year around
– Dozens of great hotels in the area with thousands of rooms available
– Outstanding nightlife and fine dining

Formula One Facts

A season of Formula 1 racing features a series of ‘Grand Prix’ races that take place both on circuit tracks and on public roads. Points are accrued for each race and at the end of the season are used to determine the World Championship winners for the drivers and for the constructor teams.

Formula One racing speeds can reach as high as 220 mph and sometimes pull more than 5 g when cornering. The cars are heavily dependent on aerodynamics, electronics, tires and suspension for their performance, but driver skill is still the most important factor.

Taking A Look At Stock Car Racing

Stock car racing is one of the most popular forms of racing in America today, as is evidenced by the popularity of the Nascar Nextel Cup. The term “stock car” is derived from the fact that all of the cars used must be original production cars. These cars may be modified for performance, but they cannot be specially designed for racing.

An example of a popular modification is the rear spoiler that is added to every stock automobile used in racing. This spoiler forces the air moving over the automobile to provide enough downward pressure to stabilize the vehicle and provide some degree of protection from overturning during a stock car race.

In car racing sports, a stock car race is normally played out on a track that is oval in design and can be made from dirt or asphalt. There is also the stock car race that is run on roadways, but they are very rare.

The tracks vary in length from the short track, which is approximately one quarter of a mile in length, to the super speedways which can be up to 2.66 miles in length. Maximum speeds on the short tracks can range up to 220 mph; however, the speeds at the super speedways are now restricted to a maximum of 187 mph.

Stock car racing originated with the moonshine runners of the prohibition era. There was such a need to outrun the law when running moonshine that the runners soon began modifying their cars to make them run faster and more efficiently.

This soon became a competition between the runners and the early 1930s saw the sport of car auto racing start to become organized. Because the rules for racing were so varied, many wanted more uniformity. In 1948, NASCAR became a reality.

There are many stock car racing circuits other than Nascar. Some examples of these include the IMCA, or International Motor Contest Association, the ARCA, or Automobile Racing Club of America, and the CRA, or Championship Racing Association. These are the “minor leagues” of stock automobile races.

As well as these and the Nascar circuit, you will find other clubs, such as the Craftsman Truck Series and the Busch Series. As in baseball, drivers do not start out in Nascar.

They must enter the sport at the bottom and work their way to the top. They must go out and prove themselves and then wait to be invited to drive for a professional car racing team.

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